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Co-Curricular Activity

“Our broad range of CCAs is a vital part of children's far-reaching education at a very young age. In partnership with our community, we have been able to provide a dynamic, safe, learning environment that prepares our children for future challenges and enhances their love of lifelong learning.”

Our Co-Curricular Program

Our co-curricular program is fun, purposeful, and inclusive. We offer a variety of age-appropriate programs every weekday, and across sports, well-being, athletics, mother-tongue language, and more. Children are encouraged to express themselves as we foster their creativity. They learn to appreciate the various art forms and, in the process, have fun. A rich variety of co-curricular activities contribute to the overall development of the child. This helps cultivate a sense of belonging for every child. We offer a well-balanced and fun age-appropriate program that helps enhance children's confidence and competence, hence contributing to their holistic development. Moreover, our CCA's contribute towards developing a team spirit between young children!

Children at a very early age are encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunities for overall enrichment that spans beyond our classroom activities, participating in new activities and having opportunities to explore them.

All activities are provided by external specialists, who support children throughhigh-quality learning experiences that foster competence, empathy, and team spirit.

Funekynastix - Young Children Gymnastics 

Funkeynastix is more than a gymnastics class for boys and girls. It is a fitness program developed to build healthy bodies, increase child’s confidence, and help focus their minds for better academic results. Gymnastics focuses on developing basic movement skills using our specialized equipment. By working on these skills at an early stage your child will become more confident to participate in all sports. 


Multi-Sports - Teddy Tennis 

Little Legends Tennis classes are designed to teach children between 3 years and above the fundamentals in:

​Groundstrokes (Forehands & Backhands)

  • Footwork

  • Match Play

  • ​Teddy tennis aims to improve cognitive and motor skill development including:​

  • ​Communication Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Hand-Eye Coordination

  • Reflex Reactions

  • Agility

  • Sportsmanship

  • Self-Confidence with children experiencing a range of team games that will further develop speed, agility, and quickness and prepare children for competitive games in a fun and enjoyable environment.


Soccer kids 

Established in 2002, SK Academy is one of the largest football coaching academies in the UAE and teaches all across the Emirates. With over 1200 players, we endeavor to bring together all races, ages, abilities, and genders to enjoy the globe's favorite pastime.


Mother Tongue Languages

The program will be provided by “Headway Institute”, which specializes in language education. Their style of teaching and learning connects well to the method of the Early Years approach.


We live in an ever-changing world where globally, internationalism is a focus and our aim is to provide learning opportunities for each child’s future achievements. This is an optional program we will be offering to help support your child’s approach and attitude toward language choices. 


More CCA’s will be added as the year progresses.


For more information about the CCA programme in your branch of Raffles Early Childhood Centre, please speak to the ECC Manager.

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