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Why Choose Raffles Early Childhood Centres

Choosing an early years setting for your child is an important and often stressful decision – with so many choices available, it can be a challenge to identify what is best for your child and family.  

As part of the Innoventures Education group, education is at the heart of what we do and based on our experience key considerations for choosing an Early Childhood Centre should include: 

  • Identifying the Early Childhood Centres that are in close proximity to either where you live or where you work, so that dropping and collecting your child is convenient. Some parents may decide that for an ECC of their choice, they may commute a little further – this is a very personal choice.  

  • Which curriculum do you feel will best meet your child’s needs both now and in the future. This can be tough to gauge when your child is so small, as you don’t know the type of learner they are or areas of real interest. Consider which country they may be completing some or all of their schooling? Which curriculums you as parents completed? Which country do you feel they may complete their university year in? What school options are close to where you live and work? What type of price point you will be looking at for schooling? By considering all of this information, you should narrow down the curriculum options that best suit your child and your family. 

  • Timings are an important consideration – do you need to have timings that support a working family? Or are part time options workable for your family? 

  • What additional services are provided? Some Early Childhood Centres will offer a food service often at an additional cost, which can be hugely beneficial for working parents. Some will provide a bus service – which may provide flexibility should you need support dropping or/and collecting your child. Some ECC’s offer a range of extra -curricular activities, at an additional cost, that mean your child can stay in one location and still enjoy ballet, language classes, or football. In addition, some ECC’s offer a range of subjects taught by specialist teachers. It is always worth asking what services are on offer at an Early Childhood Setting.  

  • Is the team qualified and experienced in the early years to ensure that your child is well cared for and have exciting and engaging learning experiences. 


At Raffles Early Childhood Centres, we can share why we believe that families should choose us: 

  • Raffles ECC’s are spacious, purpose- built settings conveniently located in communities covering the Emirates Hills and Arabian Ranches areas.  

  • At Raffles ECC’s we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which provides a broad foundation for future learning. The children from our settings have priority entry to the Innoventures Education schools – where a number of curriculum pathways are offered including, British, IB, and American Curriculums. In our experience, the EYFS ensures that children are good communicators, independent, resilient, critical thinkers, problem solvers and have a love of learning – which means they can easily transition to other curriculums successfully.  

  • At Raffles ECC’s we offer a range of flexible timings to support the families we work with. We offer the full day from 7am – 6pm, with flexible part time options available. Please ask us for further information on this.  

  • We have specialist teachers that provide Arabic, Physical Education and Music lessons for all our Raffles Early Childhood Centre’s.  

  • We offer a range of extra- curricular activities for the children, so that they can enjoy these in the comfort and familiarity of our ECC’s. Please ask us for further information on this.  

  • We have a team of qualified and experienced educators who are passionate about ensuring the children have the very best early years experiences.  

Kindly contact admission office on or 04 4271241 / 1233

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