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Key Information

Please find below some key information regarding the timings of the day and what is available to families who are part of our Raffles Early Childhood community.

Raffles Early Childhood Centre Timings:

We offer a range of flexible timings to meet the needs of our parents: 

7am – 8am: Early Drop Off 

8am – 2pm 

8am – 3pm 

8am – 4pm 

8am – 6pm 

And a choice of 3, 4 or 5 days per week. Days must be pre-selected and once chosen cannot be changed without prior notice and this is subject to availability.  


We ask that all children are in their classrooms by 8am so that we can start the day’s learning together. Children that arrive late often miss sections of learning and can cause disturbance to the other children.  


Snack and Lunch

Children who attend the nursery from 8am – 2pm will have a morning snack and a lunch at the ECC. Children that stay until 3pm and beyond will require an additional afternoon snack.  


We do offer cooked lunches that are provided by the ECC, at an extra charge – for more information, please speak to your ECC Manager, who can share with you the menu and pricing options. Parents may provide a packed lunch for their child as an alternative to the cooked meal.   


Please note that every child must have a water bottle with them daily that is labelled with your child’s name. A water bottle with the a covered mouthpiece is best.   


The ECC follows a ‘healthy eating’ policy, and all classes are nut, chocolate, crisp and ‘fast food’ free. It is important that children have healthy and nutritious food for snacks and lunch as they need the energy for learning and water to ensure they stay hydrated.  


We recommend items such as: 

- Fruit 

- Yoghurt 

- Sandwiches 

- Crackers 

- Pasta 

- Salad 

- Vegetable sticks 

- Cheese cubes 

- Quiches 

- To drink - Water 


These should be packed in a lunch box that is clearly labeled with the child’s name. Please do not send items that require refrigeration or heating. To keep packed lunches cold, a re-freezable ice pack should be placed inside the lunch box.  

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