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We are pleased to inform you that Kalo Hospitality will be our new catering provider commencing 2 January 2024. Team Kalo has over two decades of experience in the UAE. We look forward to working together to provide healthy and nutritious food to our schools and early childhood community.

Registration & cash transactions: Kalo Hospitality has a one stop mobile application to enhance the user experience in the school cafeterias and to make managing the student meals seamless and convenient.

1.The application will need to be downloaded and the student details will need to be registered. Multiple student IDs can be registered against a single user.

2.The mobile application can be used for the following:

        a.    Enabling payment using student IDs.
        b.    Direct top up of funds.
        c.    Viewing of available balances.
        d.    Overview of monthly menus.
        e.    Pre-ordering of meals for primary students

3.Purchases can also be made from the cafeteria using cash or credit card during the registration process.

4.Unutilized balances carried by students from the previous provider will be automatically carried forward to Kalo and this can be utilized as soon as the registration process on the mobile application is completed.

Kalo mobile application is available for both iOS and Android users and their links are given below and an overview of its functions are attached for your reference:

iOS (Apple) App Link: 
Android App Link: 

Kalo Mobile App Help File


Please use the link below to access the menu. 

Weekly Menu

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Kalo Hospitality Mobile / WhatsApp: 056-7200964
Innoventures Education Mobile / WhatsApp: 055-9641970

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