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Message From the Principal

Raffles Early Childhood Centre’s (ECC) were formed in 2007 and have seen rapid growth over the years. We now have seven Early Childhood Centres located throughout the ‘Emirates Living’ communities - Lakes, Meadows, Emirates Hills, Springs, Dubai Marina and Arabian Ranches.  

We offer the English Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum in all our Early Childhood Centre's, with a focus on children’s individual needs, interests and development.   


We have dedicated and committed ECC Managers in each one of our locations that will work with their teams to ensure that your family's needs are met and that your child has the very best learning journey and outcomes.   


The EYFS Curriculum is based around the seven areas of learning – three prime areas and four specific areas:   ​

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The three prime areas provide the foundations for all future learning – these are the key focus areas until the age of two:  


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development - encouraging interaction between peers, promoting independence and resilience skills by supporting and encouraging children to do things for themselves, supporting children to solve their own problems.  

  • Physical Development - developing the children’s motor skills through fun and engaging activities in class. Our Specialist PE sessions provide the children with a range of skills, including Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming and Athletics.  

  • Communication and Language - through our language rich environments, 1:1 or in small group activities, our continuous provision and also daily phonics sessions for the older children.   


The specific areas of learning provide the experiences and learning opportunities that widen the children’s knowledge and skills.  


  • Literacy – actively providing children with a range of opportunities to support pre-writing skills, including mark making, as well as exposing them to a variety of literature including rhymes, songs and books.  

  • Maths - creating a range of exciting mathematical learning opportunities both adult- led and as part of our continuous provision and subitizing. Introducing a range of mathematical concepts through play including number recognition, shape, size, pattern and sequence.   

  • Understanding the World – ensuring our children are provided with a wide range of hands on learning opportunities that encourage them to engage with the world around them, explore concepts, enquire and problem solve in an age and stage appropriate manner.   

  • Expressive Arts and Design- providing opportunities for children to experiment with a range of media and materials utilizing their natural curiosity, creativity and imagination.   


Our curriculum is built around the developmental needs and interests of the children in our care – our highly qualified and skilled teaching team will plan ‘in the moment’ to ensure the relevancy of the teaching and learning in our Centre’s.   


All our Early Childhood Centre’s are warm and welcoming spaces where children can explore, discover, learn and engage with the world around them.  


Our Early Childhood Centres have been designed with children and families in mind! We are located in the heart of communities, with on-site parking, spacious shaded outdoor play areas and classrooms that promote playful, hands - on learning.   



Our Staff

Our highly qualified and experienced team are committed to ensuring that every child has an incredible, individualized, early learning journey. We recognize that every child is unique and our team takes time to know and understand your child’s needs and interests to ensure that we tailor the curriculum to ensure the very best outcomes for every child.   


At the start of the year, our long- term planning has a range of topics that we have identified as the starting point for our learning journey – but we will often deviate from this as we learn more about the individuals in our care and what they enjoy and what interests them. We use ‘Development Matters’ (British Department of Education) to support our planning and ensure that we are working towards the Seventeen Early Learning Goals – click here for more information on the learning goals. These provide the foundation for successful lifelong learning.   


 At Raffles ECC’s we recognize the changing needs of the evolving world around us and embrace the truly international flavour of all of our ECC’s and schools. This is reflected in our teaching and learning provision, as we:  


  • Incorporate STREAM (Science, technology, robotics, engineering, arts and maths) provision in to our programme, at an age and stage appropriate level 

  • Work closely with the Innoventures Education schools to ensure the consistency of quality and learning transitions for the Birth – Grade 12 education we offer  

  • Arabic classes from specialist teachers  

  • P.E Classes with a specialist teacher 

  • Music classes with   

  • Embed within our provision a wide range of learning opportunities through celebrations of the diversity within our settings – including National Day, Eid, Diwali, Christmas, International Day, World Book Day, and more.   


Our aim is ensuring that children leave the Raffles ECC’s having built a strong foundation for future success and a love of learning!  


Please visit our social media page where you will get to preview some of the many wonderful experience’s children have at the Raffles Early Childhood Centre’s.  


I look forward to meeting you during one of our Open Houses.  

Rishika Malhotra

Principal, Raffles Nurseries

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