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Communication between the ECC and home is extremely important. To support this, we use an app called ‘Toddle’ that allows our teaching teams to send updates and photos of your child’s day with you.

The photos provide an excellent opportunity, as is age and stage appropriate, to talk with your child about their day: 

  • What things they have done 

  • Which friends have they have spent time with? 

  • What did they enjoy most? 

In addition to this we will share information with you using the email address shared when you registered your child with us.  

We share with parents a progress report in the first and last term that provides an overview of the progress they have made over their time with us.  

Our parent-teacher meetings are held twice a year to give you the opportunity to visit the nursery and meet your child’s teacher. You are welcome to contact us whenever you need any information or guidance regarding your child. We are open to your suggestions and look forward to your keen participation and interest in our activities. 

Parents can contact us using the email addresses that were shared with you in the Parent Information Handbook. 

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